About Us

ATLANTECH is a  “Selective & Creative” worldwide Manufacturer and Dealer of Non-Food FMCG.

Established in 2003 , Atlantech is one of the most progressive business organisation in his fields of activities.

We are specialised on Marine Accessories & Outdoor Living products.

The extensive  range of Atlantech Marine Products consist from the experience & requirements of sea entertainement consumer’s market demands. We combined our experience & creativity to present a product line specifically for boat and water enthusiasts.

Our range of Outdoor Products you offer the funny & relaxed  way of life.

Atlantech continues to pursue divercification, growth and excellence as it places high value on commitment  to customers,  on investment in people who contribute to its business success, and on payback to the general public for years.

Atlantech is represented by the area dealers and our products are available always ready on deliver .